2017 Superior Placement scores are now accessible

2017 Superior Placement scores are now accessible In case you had missed the email, the College Board rolled out Advanced Setting (AP® ) scores meant for tests obtained this past May perhaps earlier this month. And by now, most AP students ought to have already got their scores— for greater or rather more serious!

For the record, old fashioned snail mail information were complete several years ago to opt for an online design that requires yourself to have a School Board bank account to view scores. Basically, to obtain rates, students probably

  • an on-line College Aboard account that need registration
  • some username and password
  • 2017 AP telephone number (the phone number on the labeling in the Scholar Pack) AND ALSO student identifier (student USERNAME number) if perhaps provided with your answer linen

Unless there was clearly a problem together with identification, scoring or check administration, your current scores should now be around and will be combined with a cumulative report of most AP checks you have taken to-date (you actually have to cover an extra charge to have any specific scores removed from the report).

If you’re unfortunat enough not to have a credit score report, feel free to contact the group Board in apstudents@info. collegboard. org or simply 888-225-5427 (toll free) or simply 212-632-1780, specifically if you haven’t obtained scores simply by September –

And what the actual scores lead to? AP dozens are a ‘weighted combination’ about results to the multiple-choice and also free-response categories. The final credit report scoring is announced on a 5-point scale, the examples below:

  • 5: Very well qualified to college consumer credit or state-of-the-art placement
  • 4: Well qualified
  • 3: Experienced
  • couple of: Possibly entitled
  • 2: No impartial

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